Mantra To Break Marriage Or Engagement

How To Stop (Boyfriend/Girlfriend) Marriage By Mantra

A lover may encounter too many hurdles to finally marry their boyfriend/girlfriend. But sometimes, the odds are not in our favor, and there are chances that the sacred bond of marriage for your boyfriend/girlfriend can be fixed with someone else. If you and your partner have tried to convince your family and you are seeing no result, then try vashikaran to find a way. You can consult a vashikaran specialist and seek answers for how to stop (boyfriend/girlfriend) marriage by mantra and get a suitable vashikaran mantra. These mantras have shown effective results for many of its users. So, you should also give them a try.

Vashikaran Mantra To Break Marriage Or Engagement

If your lover is getting married to someone else and you are not finding any solution to bring them into your life, try the following vashikaran mantra to break marriage or engagement. However, it is most important to follow the prescribed procedure properly if you want to achieve desired results.

|| ओम हरीम क्रिम (अमुक) फतस्वाहा ||

Using vermillion, scribble the identity of the person you wish to keep distant from your partner on a piece of white paper. Wrap the paper and keep it hidden for the specified amount of time. You must chant the phrase 108 times while holding this folded piece of paper in your palm for the following 11 days. While reciting this chant for your partner or girlfriend, make sure no one can see you. If chanted with optimism, focus, and adhering to the safety instructions, this mantra has been demonstrated to be quite powerful.

|| नमो गौरी शंकरार्दंगी यथा तवं शंकरप्रिया, तथा मैम कुरु कल्याणकांतां सुदुर्लभां स्वाहा ||

Starting on just about any Saturday, this remedy should then be routinely performed for ten days.Bring a new greenish lemon, and use a pen to write your desire as well as your companion’s name or birthdate. Then, enclose the lemon in a red cloth and repeat the mantra listed below 108 times. Next, spin this lemon seven times around your head before placing it below the pillow and going to sleep. The following morning, you must submerge the lemon in running water. Alternatively, you may dig a pit and place the lemon inside of it.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Marriage

When your parents do not agree to marry you to the person you love, then there are chances that you might be bounded into an unwanted marriage by your parents. Unwanted marriage can be daunting for anyone. If just talking to your parents is not helping you convince them, you can try vashikaran mantras. Here is how to get rid of unwanted marriage using vashikaran.

|| वलकारा कात्यायनी शुभन दद्य श्वेतांबर- धरा शुचिः फट स्वाः ||

Peel the coconut shells and thoroughly apply the cotton to the base of the coconut to totally cleanse it. Thereafter, make a thick paste by combining Ganga water with the powdered sandalwood, and afterward, paint this chant on the crown of that coconut with the peacock feather. Offer this coconut to the individual whose relationship or marriage you would like to end.

How Can Arranged Marriage Stopped

Are you unhappy because your girlfriend/boyfriend is getting married to someone else? Do questions like How can arranged marriage stopped keep coming to your head and seems like there is no solution to your problem. Then don’t worry. This mantra will help you.

|| वलकारा कात्यायनी शुभन दद्य श्वेतांबर-धारा शुचिः फट स्वाः ||

Wake up very early, take a bath, and then go to a local mandir to worship your favorite deity to dissolve your partner’s marriage. One must remember to have faith in oneself. Perform the aforementioned mantras while holding the clay pot containing 100g of rice and 100g of black sesame.

How To Cancel Marriage After Engagement By Astrology

When nothing else works for you and you are still caught in this problem, then do not be disheartened. When all your actions, and communication, have failed to cancel the unwanted marriage, then it is time to take the shrine of vashikaran mantras.

|| दिव दिवा महाआरण्यया माताआ वरुणाहा पिताहा शांडिलगोत्रावाहनभाऊ अग्नि स्वाहा ओम विद्या क्लीन
क्लीन कटुस्वाह सर्वसम सिद्धेनं स्वाहा ओम शम शाम लोकाये स्वाहा रक्षितुनदाय ||

The first thing you must do is make sure you are dressed in orderly, fresh clothes. The environment must be impeccably clean. One must first become a sidhi, and only then can they begin to consider. The individual who is engaged to be wed and whose union you desire to dissolve. Gather the materials listed below:
● sinkh broom
● black cloth
● black silk thread
● red cloth
● Kapoor
● cow ghee
● incense sticks
● kalawa
● turmeric
● Seven earthen lamps
● mustard oil.
Circularly assemble the seven clay lights. Then use a red fabric as a mat to place it in, burning all seven of them with mustard oil. Then, combine turmeric with Ganga water, paint your lover’s initials on a black fabric, and bind the black cloth around the broomstick. After that, while reciting the mantra, tie 11 knots on a black thread that is three times as long as your beloved. So, this is how to cancel marriage after engagement by Astrology.

Frequently Asked  Questions

1. How do I stop marriage after engagement?

It can be difficult to convince the family members if you want to stop marriage after the engagement has happened. However, Vedic astrology and vashikaran have remedies that can help you in achieving this. Our experienced astrologer and vashikaran specialist can give you remedies such as chants, totke, and rituals to stop a marriage from happening even after an engagement.

2. Can you stop someone from getting married?

It can be difficult to convince someone not to get married. However, you might want a marriage not to happen due to personal reasons. It can be done by using remedies from our renowned Vedic astrologer and vashikaran specialist. Vashikaran chants help in changing a person’s thoughts and intentions. That is why it is absolutely possible to stop someone from getting married through astrological and vashikaran remedies.

3. How can forced marriage be stopped without hurting anyone?

Mostly the results of forced marriage are not good. In a good marriage, both the bride and groom have to be willing to come into union. However, in some cases, it might not be so. The parents or family can pressurize one to get married to another. Stopping such marriage means hurting the family members or parents of the individual. In such cases, vashikaran remedies can be of use as they aid in changing one’s decision and can help stop forced marriage without hurting anybody.

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